Gintani is a production house which performs all of our own research and development, testing, tuning and installation in-house. As a performance shop where we primarily began as BMW specialists, we have expanded into high-end manufacturers such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, and many other exotic automobiles. We are located in Southern California where we manufacture all of our own products in-house with a state-of-the-art CNC machine shop, five bay lifts, and a Dyno Dynamics AWD 1000+ HP capability dyno.  As an in-house manufacturer we hand TIG weld all of our products, have our own CAD designer, in-house fabricator, in-house engineer, in-house machinist, and BMW-certified technicians.

We specialize in supercharger systems and turbocharger systems for BMW applications, re-building motors (stock and forged internals), ECU tuning for European vehicles, exotic exhaust systems for any vehicle, carbon fiber aero kits for BMW’s and Porsche’s, drivetrain upgrades for BMW’s, but are not limited to these as we also do simple maintenance work all the way up to full-on project cars.

To be specific, we have made industry leading progress with the E9X M3 platform. We offer many different stages of our supercharger kit unsurpassed by our competitors and have recently developed the only twin turbo kit in the market. Our kits produce the most horsepower, torque, reliability, drivability, and come with the best hardware available.

Our state-of-the-art facility is on a 14,750 square foot lot which houses our showroom, engine building room, five bay lifts, CNC machine shop, and dyno facility.

Our mission is to pursue our passion for high-horsepower vehicles while providing the industry leading products with no compromises taken when it comes to hardware, design, and engineering. We are committed to leading the industry by manufacturing the best products we possibly can while building and maintaining strong customer relationships.